Help us choose which button-up shirts to make!

Help us choose which button-up shirts to make!

Maya Maya
2 minute read

Hey, y'all! Our new button-up shirts have finally finished development and now we are picking which designs to make in 2024 and we need your help!

Vote in the survey to have your opinion considered

Now, some details about our new button-up shirts!

These shirts will be made out of a stretchy, GOTS certified organic cotton! That certifies the material not just for quality and organic status, but also certifies that every stage of the production process uses ethical labor.

Additionally, the new button-up shirts have some new features.

First up: long sleeves. Y'all asked for them and we listened! The new length + material means these shirts are much more appropriate for many work environments.

Our second feature: hooks & eyes! And a lot of them! Our original button shirts had hidden hooks & eyes in the bust region to prevent gapping and y'all loved these SO much that due to popular demand, we have added them between every set of buttons--not just the bust!

And last up: gussets! We still wanted to keep a straight cut/traditionally "masculine" silhouette for these shirts, but unfortunately this causes some fit problems for folks with wider hips. That's why we've added gussets to the bottom side seams!

You can leave these buttoned to maintain the straight cut or open them to let out the bottom hem to accommodate wider hips without sacrificing the "masculine" silhouette.

Between the gussets and the stretchy cotton, our new button shirts should be able to provide a better fit for many more people than our old ones previously did.

And that's it! I'm SO excited about these button-up shirts!! Go vote in the shirt design survey to let me know which designs you want us to make!

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