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Shipping and returns

What is your UK VAT number?

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, provided your country doesn't have restrictions on receiving packages from the U.S.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
As long as the item is in good condition we take returns and exchanges. If you receive a defective item you can exchange it for a nondefective item, and if you change your mind we can process an exchange or return for domestic customers. Unfortunately we're not able to process return postage for international customers.

What is your order processing time?
Our order processing typically takes less than a week, but during high volume periods there may be waiting times of up to two weeks. For preorder processing time, please reference the preorder section.

Can I have my order package discreetly?
We don't use branded packaging, the only indication that you ordered from us will be Maya Kern on the return address. We ship using plain boxes and plain envelopes and often use recycled packing material to cut down on the amount of waste we contribute to the world.

Can I change my address?
If you need to change your address please send an email to mayakern.help@gmail.com with either the first and last name on your order or the order number and the address you would like it changed to.

Can I combine multiple orders to save on shipping?
Yes, if you haven’t made your purchase yet, please add this to your cart before checkout. If you have already made your purchase, please use the store contact form or send an email to mayakern.help@gmail.com with either the first and last name on your orders or the order numbers you want to combine.

Can you hold my order?

Yes, if you haven’t made your purchase yet, please add this to your cart before checkout. If you have already made your purchase, please use the store contact form or send an email to mayakern.help@gmail.com with either the first and last name on your order or the order number you want to hold.

Will I receive a shipping notification when my skirt ships?
If you included an email or phone number on your order, then yes.



When will skirts restock?
If you sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page you will receive an email when preorder and restock dates are set

When will miniskirts return?
For now, due to a huge defect issue we had with the March 2022 preorder, we have decided to retire miniskirts until we are in a more stable/efficient place as a business and are better able to deal with the extra logistics this entails.

Can I reserve a skirt in advance?
No, if we did this for one person we would have to do it for everyone.

Will [x] skirt be coming back?
Maybe! We try to include new and older designs in almost every skirt launch we do and we sometimes run public polls to help us determine which designs to include.

Why isn't [x] design available anymore?
Usually when a design is retired it's because it didn't sell enough to warrant keeping in stock. We also can't offer every design all the time, as we have way too many for that to be feasible for our small business.

[x] skirt wasn't in the recent skirt drop/preorders, will it ever come back?
Maybe! We can't offer all designs every time, so we often phase certain designs in and out between print runs.

Why are these skirt pockets so big?
The only reason for circle skirts to not have large pockets is cowardice.

Why was this skirt drop midi skirts only and no miniskirts?
Since offering both midi and mini skirts doubles the amount of options available, it vastly increased both production time and cost and so for non-preorders, we will often only offer midi skirts (as they are in general more popular at the moment).

Is the underskirt in some of the skirt photos included in with the skirt itself?
No, that is a petticoat! A petticoat is an undergarment and not part of the skirt itself. The petticoat linked above is the one we use for skirt photoshoots due to its wide size range. The sizes listed in the sizing chart are not accurate to the total stretch capacity of the petticoats, they actually go much larger (the largest size stretches to around 70”).

We also love these petticoats for a fuller/poofier look, but their size range is more limited (because their sizing is actually accurate) so we no longer use them for shoots. If you see a photo/video of our midsize range model wearing a yellow petticoat, it is one of these.

Why isn't the petticoat included?
Not only would a petticoat increase the price significantly, but it's also down to personal preference. Some people have sensory issues that don't jive with a petticoat and others simply don't like the look!

How do the skirts fit for amab people?
The fit depends on where you want the skirt to sit, regardless of assigned gender. Some amab folks may have difficulty wearing elastic waistbands at the waist due to how fat is distributed differently for different bodies and they may not be used to feeling constriction in an area other than their hips.

I have heard that because the skirts are so stretchy and have such huge pockets they can be really helpful when transitioning to more feminine attire and getting used to more constricting garments with small or no pockets.

Are the skirts machine washable?
We have been machine washing and drying our skirts since we first started producing them in 2015 and have had no issues, but we always recommend washing in cold water to better preserve color.

Can the skirts go in the dryer?
We personally have washed and dried our skirts many times without issues on the tumble dry setting, but some customers have reported issues with pilling. In those cases we recommend hanging to dry or putting the skirts in garment bags while in the dryer to avoid friction with other items.

You used to have size comparisons on your size chart, i.e. size A fits XS-L. Why don't you anymore?
The short answer is because there's no way for it to be accurate. Sizing is not consistent across brands.

The long answer is because we got regular emails accusing us of lying or misleading customers when we compared our sizes to more standard sizing, i.e. this size fits closer to a XL than a M, and this confusion resulted in more exchanges and returns than necessary. Since standard sizing isn't standardized we switched to showing measurements only.

Are your skirts good for maternity?
The elastic in the skirt is flexible enough to fit a massive range of waist sizes and may be comfortable and flexible for pregnant people throughout large portions of their pregnancy. My only concern would be the elastic waistband is about an inch thick and not made to stay up on a pregnant belly, so it may sit higher or lower than desired.

Will you make skirts shorter?
Probably not.

Will you make maxi skirts?
We have previously collabed with our friends over at Fresh Hot Flavors to offer a small range of maxi skirts and we plan to do so again in the future

Why is the fabric different between mini and midi skirts?
The midi skirt fabric is heavy enough that it sits weirdly on the mini design, and the mini skirt fabric is so shiny it looks silly on the midi design. They fulfill different needs.

How long do you keep skirt designs "in season"?
Until they sell out or stop selling.  We don't do typical fashion seasons, as that is a great way to create garment waste. Instead, we do our best to cycle through new and old designs based on customer reaction/interest.

Will you make skirts in solid colors?
No, but our friends over at Fresh Hot Flavors already do.

How is the skirt texture for texture sensitivity?
It's hard to answer this because it's different for everybody, but my wife and I are both on the spectrum and the texture doesn't bother us. We've received mostly positive feedback with a small handful of people that it doesn't work for. If the texture doesn't work for you and the skirt is in good condition we can process a return and refund.

What do I do if my skirt has an error, like a printing error or a hole in the pocket?
Email me at mayakern.help@gmail.com with a photo of the issue and either the first and last name on your order or your order number.

Do you sell B-grade skirts?
I would love to sell my b-grade skirts, I just haven't found the time to take stock and record all the issues to make listings. 

Can the pockets REALLY fit a Nintendo Switch?
I carry my Switch around in my pockets and it doesn't poke out, but I suppose it does hit my leg sometimes.



How often are preorders?
For the foreseeable future we have decided to stop running preorders, as we just cannot keep up with the volume of orders we receive. Instead, we are trying to have more frequent ready to ship (RTS) drops.



Other Merch

Will you make [x] kind of apparel?
Maybe! We're slowly working on expanding our apparel

When will button up shirts be available?
We're hoping to start selling them either in late 2022 or early 2023.

Why don't you sell [x] anymore?
Depends on the item, but probably because it didn't sell enough to warrant keeping in stock. Some items sold better in person at conventions and since we no longer do those many of those items have been retired.

Will you make [x] design on a journal?
We are currently considering retiring journals since we no longer sell at conventions and they're a slow sell online, so probably not.

Will you make masks?
I sell masks on my Threadless store, along with shoes



Where did you get the crop top you wear in your skirt photos?

What other fat inclusive apparel do you recommend?
Alongside some mainstream brands, I wear clothes from:

Can I reserve my cart?
No, as this leads to a lot of logistical issues and isn't even something Shopify allows. Shopify used to reserve the contents of a cart for 5 minutes once the checkout process was initiated, but has recently stopped doing so and it's not something we have control over.

I have a problem with my Threadless order.
You will have to contact Threadless customer support.

Will I get an email when my order goes through?
If you include an email in your order information then yes.

Why do you no longer have the accessibility plugin?
It was constantly showing customers a "buy this now" popup that didn't go away when we paid the subscription fee. We got several messages warning us about the shady popup on our site. We're working on finding an alternative.

Can I file a chargeback?
I would prefer you didn't. Chargebacks are very serious, both for your bank and mine. If you believe I'm deliberately ignoring your email please contact Devin on twitter @umpunchy, as your email may be getting eaten.

We do not deliberately ignore customer issues. If you haven't received a response and it's been more than a week then something went wrong.

I found your design in another shop, is it legit?
My designs are sold through here, my threadless shop, and Weejapeeja. If you find my designs elsewhere please alert me at mayakern.help@gmail.com and I will take the necessary steps to have it taken down

I bought your design from another shop and I have a problem with it.
If you bought one of my designs from an unauthorized reseller, i.e. someone on etsy who purchased a bootleg copy of my pins off aliexpress, there's nothing I can do for you. I can only assist with orders that came from my shop.

How often do you run sales?
We run sales very infrequently

Skirt launches are announced via the store mailing list and social media