New Skirts Headed Your Way on April 4th!

New Skirts Headed Your Way on April 4th!

Carsyn Carsyn
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Hey, y'all! Stopping by to give a super quick update and show you guys which skirts will be included in the drop on April 4th at noon eastern time!

First up, we've got the brand new, highly anticipated Jellyfish design! This is a design that y'all have been asking about and that we are super excited to show off! What excites us even more is how well it pairs with the black crop top.

Jellyfish Midi Skirt

Up next is this super cute Anemones design by Sergle! Guys, we are are absolutely in love with this skirt. It's no secret by now that we love a pink skirt here at Maya Kern LLC, and this one takes the cake. It's so darling, and we especially love how well it pairs with the dusty rose crop top.

Anemone Midi Skirt

We've also restocked a previous Sergle design, which is their Celestial Suns skirt! This is a design that hasn't been seen in stores since 2022 and we're super pumped to be making this design available again. It is such a charming design and we can't wait for you guys to get your hands on it.

Celestial Suns Midi Skirt

We're also including the reworked Rainbow design in this skirt drop. You guys have been asking for a Rainbow design with red at the top (as opposed to the previous pink), and we've delivered! This is such a fun skirt and I personally love how well it pairs with so many of the crop tops, especially the black and scarlet crop tops.

Rainbow Red Midi Skirt

And finally, we're restocking a fan favorite: the Clouds midi skirt! You guys have been asking when this skirt will get a restock and we heard you loud and clear. You should be able to find the Clouds midi skirt available in all sizes during this upcoming drop.

Clouds Midi Skirt

One last piece of information that I'd like to include: we will be offering a coupon that is Buy 2 skirts, get 1 50% off! This will pertain to both midi and mini skirts. The coupon will be available starting March 28th at noon eastern time.

Have questions regarding our skirts? Be sure to check out our store FAQ.

As an endnote, hi guys - Carsyn here! I will be taking over most of the advertising on the blog, so I just wanted to take a moment to say hello! You can find me on most of Maya's social media accounts, most obvious of which is Tumblr. 

I am the baby of the team, exist solely on JRPGs, and have four cats (split between me, my fiancee, and our roommate). It's super cool to get the chance to interact with y'all and hopefully I'll see you guys around!

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