Do you live in the United States? By default, your order is shipped via USPS. However, if you order a sketchbook or any apparel, your order will automatically be switched to UPS Ground shipping.

Do you live outside the United States? Your order will be shipped via USPS.

Shipping is charged via shipping classes on each order

Shipping class: a category that determines how much you are charged for shipping
Destination: where the item is being shipped to, AKA your address

Shipping classes are as follows

Books: contains all the books in my store
Bulky Apparel: contains midi skirts
Bulky items: contains mini skirts, scarves, journals/sketchbooks, and will contain other apparel added in the future
Flat items: 8.5×11″ prints and print sets, prints smaller than 8.5×11″, zipper bags, sticker sheets
Large prints: currently empty
Small items: contains patches, enamel pins, microfiber cloths, and acrylic charms/keychains

How does this affect you?

If your order is being shipped via USPS, you will be charged once for each shipping class you order from. Let’s say you order three enamel pins: you would only be charged the “small items” shipping class once. If you order two skirts and a pin, you will be charged the “bulky items” and “small items” class once each.

If your order is being shipped via UPS, you will be charged once for the flat rate, which is $7.99.

Let’s say you want to order some merch, but you want to save as much on shipping as possible. If you order items from only one shipping class, you’ll pay the least in shipping! If you order two or more skirts, you will only be charged for the bulky items shipping class one time. If you order a patch, pin, and acrylic charm, you will only be charged for the small items shipping class once. I’ve had several group orders placed to Europe and Canada where a bunch of friends split the cost of the shipping class and all ordered something within the same shipping class!

I still cannot do anything about customs fees, import taxes, or VAT. But I can try and save you a little money on your shipping class!