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Ye Olde Cats Midi Skirt

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Stretchy circle skirt featuring my Ye Olde Cats design. These skirts have pockets large enough to fit your phone, DS, Switch, hands, and maybe a small cat.  Petticoat not included.

These skirts come in three sizes:


25"-38" (64cm-96cm) waist

25″ length



33"-53" (84cm-134cm) waist

25″ length



42"-66" (106cm-167cm) waist

25″ length


These skirts are very stretchy and the sizes have a lot of overlap! If you can’t decide between sizes it comes down to preference; a smaller size will fit tighter and may stay up easier if you plan on filling your pockets, and a larger size will fit looser!

These skirts are made of a polyester/spandex blend

Made in China


My skirts are shipped domestically via UPS in a small box with a plastic bag for watertightness, and internationally via USPS in a padded envelope with a plastic bag for watertightness.

When ordering items shipped via UPS your entire order will be shipped via UPS even if those items would normally ship via USPS. Orders are shipped within 7 days of ordering unless I'm out of town, in which case I will post on my social media and on the front page.


Wash skirts in cold water and tumble dry normally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Emylie Tonnacliff
Ye Olde Cats

New favorite skirt! Love the deep pockets and the fun design :)

Védís Huldudóttir
Such a rad pattern!

I have the miniskirt version of this and I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on it. Truly so fun to wear.

Cute kitties!

It fit well and was good quality. I wore it out the first the paired with my Cat Cthulhu t-shirt and while the colors weren’t perfect I thought it was thematically appropriate!

My Favorite <3

I purchased a handful of skirts from Maya a few months ago, with Ye Olde Cats being the cream of the crop. It's ridiculous, hideous (affectionately), and made my husband bust out laughing when I wore it for the first time. We have named each cat design (my favorite being Bobby Hill, the round little blond cat) and I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can pull it out once more.
In terms of quality, the skirts are soft, easily washable, and they feel very durable for normal wear. The pockets are wonderfully deep and I have to resist the urge to overfill them as too much weight does tend to pull the skirt down my hips. It's not a significant problem, though, as the elastic in the waist does a good job at keeping things in place.


An absolute delight. Great fit. Very comfy.

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