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Cherry Tree Midi Skirt

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Stretchy circle skirt featuring my Cherry Tree design. These skirts have pockets large enough to fit your phone, DS, Switch, hands, and maybe a small cat.  Petticoat not included.

These skirts come in three sizes:


23-40″ waist

25″ length

Fits approximately XS-XL



33"-55" (84cm-139cm) waist

25″ length



40"-68" (102cm-172cm) waist

25″ length


These skirts are very stretchy and the sizes have a lot of overlap! If you can’t decide between sizes it comes down to preference; a smaller size will fit tighter and may stay up easier if you plan on filling your pockets, and a larger size will fit looser!

These skirts are made of a polyester/spandex blend

Made in China


My skirts are shipped domestically via UPS in a small box with a plastic bag for watertightness, and internationally via USPS in a padded envelope with a plastic bag for watertightness.

When ordering items shipped via UPS your entire order will be shipped via UPS even if those items would normally ship via USPS. Orders are shipped within 7 days of ordering unless I'm out of town, in which case I will post on my social media and on the front page.


Wash skirts in cold water and tumble dry normally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Claudia Tomas
Greatest skirt ever

Ugh I love it so much! It fits perfectly, looks super pretty and it's also super nice to the touch! I'll be buying more definitely!

Fantastic skirt

I bought this skirt for my girl. She’s very picky about her clothes and never tells me her actual size. So it’s always a bit of a gamble and I don’t usually hold much hope of getting it right the first time off - however… this was just fantastic!!
Not only is it everything that’s advertised, she looks and feels amazing in it!! It works well with and workout petticoats. The pockets are WONDERFUL - can’t quite hold a laptop, but standard girl equipment fits nicely. Well made, beautiful pattern… I don’t know if can fit all the wonderful things she had to say about the skirt - except she did insist I buy her more! And she’s never done that before.
Get one! Or three! You can thank me later for it!

Abel R
My friend I bought the skirt for loves it

The large size ranges also make it easy to get one for someone else whose size you're not 100% sure of... excellent for a surprise gift.

Exactly what I wanted!

I'm 5'1'' and a small, and the Size A fits perfectly! It's very colorful/pretty and well made, and I love the design.

Nicole M.

This is, hands-down, my new favorite skirt!! It's super comfy, and when they say big pockets, they *mean* big pockets. My whole phone fits in there with plenty of room to spare. I can stash a paperback in there to carry around with me, even.

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