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Ocean Miniskirt

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Stretchy circle skirt featuring my Ocean design. These skirts have pockets large enough to fit your phone, DS, Switch, hands, and maybe a small cat.  

These skirts come in four sizes:


15"-30" (38cm-76cm) waist
Length: 15" (38cm) front / 17" (43cm) back


30"-45" (76cm-114cm) waist
Length: 16" (40cm) front / 18" (45cm) back


40"-60" (101cm-152cm) waist
Length: 17" (43cm) front / 19" (48cm) back


55"-70" (139cm-177cm)* waist
Length: 18" (45cm) front / 20" (50cm) back
*Due to a miscommunication with the factory this batch of skirts was made 10" smaller in the waist than planned. Future batches of D-size skirts will fit up to an 80" waist


These skirts are very stretchy and the sizes have a lot of overlap! If you can’t decide between sizes it comes down to preference; a smaller size will fit tighter and may stay up easier if you plan on filling your pockets, and a larger size will fit looser!

These skirts are made of a polyester/spandex blend

Made in Turkey in a Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified factory. SEDEX certifies ethical labor practices and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifies responsible textile production, ensuring there are no harmful substances present.


Wearing miniskirt size C
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Bust: 52" (132cm)
Waist: 42" (106cm)
Hips: 58" (147cm)

Wearing miniskirt size B
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Bust: 41" (104cm)
Waist: 30" (76cm)
Hips: 50" (127cm)

Wearing miniskirt size A
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Bust: 32" (81cm)
Waist: 27" (68cm)
Hips: 37" (94cm)





Wash skirts in cold water and tumble dry normally.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ashlee Cook
My favourite skirt ever!!

I absolutely adore the skirt I brought! Such vibrant colours and fits sooo well, it stretches as well so no discomfort. Even for a mini skirt it has a nice length and the material is so soft! I can’t wait to order something like this again. AND it has pockets!! I didn’t realise til I wore it ❤️

Amazing Skirt!

I love this skirt, its my 5th one from Maya and they're all staples in my wardrobe. The large pockets are great for carrying the essentials, and I always get complements any time I wear them.
My only complaint is that the sizing on the skirts from the former manufacturer was much better for me personally. My older skirts are all size B and fit great, but with the new sizing I'm now in the position where I'm at the upper limit of size B and its a little tighter than I'd like for wearing all day, but size C doesn't stay up if I have things like my phone and wallet in the pockets.

yeeann wong

Literally one of the best constructed mini skirts I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. The print is gorgeous, extra length in the back is just enough to account for my butt, and the pockets are DEEP 10/5 stars would buy all of them

These pockets don't quit

I snagged the mini because the midi was out of stock, but lemme tell you: I plopped in my switch and it still didn't show in a mini skirt.

For a practical commentary, I placed the skirt inside a mesh laundry net just to keep it safe from being snagged and I have noticed no color bleed or color fading. The stitches have held tight and the fabric remains soft.

Valerie Moore
Coming back after a few years

I must have missed it when the fabric changed materials (or the mini skirts use different materials than the midis?) My previous Maya Kern midi skirts ordered a few years back have been a regular part of my wardrobe, and they were heavier fabric, more prone to pilling. This mini skirt is much lighter fabric, and I’m greatly enjoying the difference. I am planning on ordering more when I am able. ^^