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Hiss from a Rose: Valentine Midi Skirt - Final Sale

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Stretchy circle skirt featuring my Hiss from a Rose: Valentine design. These skirts have pockets large enough to fit your phone, DS, Switch, hands, and maybe a small cat.  Petticoat not included.

These skirts come in four sizes:

15"-32" (38cm-81cm) waist
25″ length

30"-45" (76cm-114cm) waist
25″ length

40"-60" (101cm-152cm) waist
25″ length

55"-70" (139cm-216cm) waist*
27" length

*This batch of skirts was made with faulty elastic and doesn't stretch up to our typical 85" waist

These skirts are very stretchy and the sizes have a lot of overlap! If you can’t decide between sizes it comes down to preference; a smaller size will fit tighter and may stay up easier if you plan on filling your pockets, and a larger size will fit looser!

These skirts are made of a polyester/spandex blend

Made in Turkey in a Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified factory. SEDEX certifies ethical labor practices and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifies responsible textile production, ensuring there are no harmful substances present.

Wearing skirt size B, shirt size 2XL
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Bust: 52" (132cm)
Waist: 42" (106cm)
Hips: 58" (147cm)

Wearing skirt size A, shirt size L
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Bust: 41" (104cm)
Waist: 30" (76cm)
Hips: 50" (127cm)

Wearing skirt size A, shirt size S
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Bust: 32" (81cm)
Waist: 27" (68cm)
Hips: 37" (94cm)




Wash skirts in cold water and tumble dry normally.

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Hiss from a Rose: Valentine Midi Skirt - Final Sale

Size D
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Allison Ferguson
So cute!

Love this skirt! The pockets are wonderfully deep and the fabric is smooth and a pleasant weight. I remember this print from when I first discovered Maya's store years ago. I fell in love with the original colorway and I was so excited to see it was still available when I rediscovered the store last year, only to be heartbroken when it was sold out in my size. But then I saw it came in this cute pink colorway and I had to have it! Perfect for Valentine's Day, Barbie movie viewings, and generally pink days.

Darrien Mauldin

Hiss from a Rose: Valentine Midi Skirt - Final Sale

Snakes Alive!

The colors are vibrant and the design is subtle enough that ophidiophobes don't clue in right away. The fabric is silky and comfortable and flares beautifully when I spin.
The only negatives are that I'm not sure the rear panel is quite long enough to properly accommodate my rather generous backside so I think it rises a little more than is ideal. Also, I got one of the batch with the substandard elastic which means that putting my 412 gram ball python pulls the waist down a little. The big guy FITS in my pocket, if he wants to be there, but at 1.73 kilos, he's a definitely a drag.

Beautiful Skirt

This is the first ever skirt I have ordered from Maya and I love it! I bought this skirt when I learned this was most likely going to be the last time to get it. I'm not usually a skirt person but the design was so gorgeous I had to get it. The fabric feels smooth and very light despite the thickness of the fabric. I got the size C but honestly could have got a B because of how stretchy the fabric is and, by the time I thought about exchanging it, the B was already completely sold out. All this to say: I definitely plan on getting more skirts as soon as I am able!

Beautiful design, high quality workmanship

This was my first attempt at ordering a skirt from Maya Kern since the transition to the new manufacturer. I can see why they like the new place. The colors on this skirt really pop and the printing quality is great. I love the fit and the way the fabric moves. Also the design is gorgeous - I'm not usually much of one for pink, but I've been waffling over Hiss from a Rose patterns for years now and this is the first one where the color values really worked for me. When I saw that this is the last time they plan to run this pattern, I had to leap on it even if I hadn't gotten the chance yet to sample the fabric and see how I feel about the textures. Totally worth it, too. It's absolutely beautiful.

My one issue with the skirt is that the texture of the fabric feels like swimsuit fabric, and that's really mostly a personal preference thing. I was a bit hesitant about the fabric going in because I tend to prefer more natural fibers, and I do think I'll stick to the viscose skirts (which are *fantastic*) in the future unless I stumble across a design I can't resist. That said, it's a very smooth fabric with a nice weight and shine to it. The skirt is well made and I wouldn't be surprised if this fabric is relatively fade resistant. I imagine it's going to appeal to a lot of people.