Mermaid Scarf

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Super soft, super cozy scarf featuring my Mermaid design!

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This scarf is sublimation printed onto a super soft, plush poly/flannel blend. It measures approximately 18″x63″.


Sublimated fabric is safe to wash and dry as normal. I recommend washing in cold water to preserve it as long as possible.


When ordered by itself, this product is shipped in a sealed poly mailer inside a sealed poly bag for watertightness. Products ship every 3-5 days.

2 reviews for Mermaid Scarf

  1. Charlotte Cerezo

    these scarves are the softest thing known to the world! my girlfriend got the bee patter(no longer here, super cute though) and she couldnt stop rubbing it for an hour! she loved it! if youre considering buying one of these scarves, you definitely should! theyre very quality and cute!

  2. Emily

    No matter how soft you think this scarf is going to be: It’s even softer. I just got mine in the mail (same type, different pattern that’s sold out now) and it’s vivid colours make it incredibly nice to look at while being incredibly soft. Send help, I can’t stop rubbing it against my face.

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