Dungeon Master Midi Skirt

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Stretchy circle skirt featuring my Dungeon Master design. These miniskirts have pockets large enough to fit your phone, DS, Switch, hands, and maybe a small cat.

Comes in two sizes:

  • XS-XL (25″-38″ waist, 27″ long)
  • XL-4XL (35″-48″ waist, 27″ long)

90% polyester 10% spandex blend, and super soft and stretchy! This fabric has a different weave from my other poly/spandex skirt and feels very soft and matte!

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My skirts are shipped domestically via UPS in a small box with a plastic bag for watertightness, and internationally via USPS in a padded envelope with a plastic bag for watertightness.

When ordering items shipped via UPS your entire order will be shipped via UPS even if those items would normally ship via USPS. Orders are shipped within 7 days of ordering unless I’m out of town, in which case I will post on my social media and on the front page.


Wash skirts in cold water and tumble dry normally.

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10 reviews for Dungeon Master Midi Skirt

  1. Ollie

    Beautiful, soft, and comfortable! The pockets are a wonderful addition, and wearing this is just fabulous! I feel cool and powerful with this skirt on and the miniskirt version of this too! 12/10!!

  2. Jess Gray (verified owner)

    Wonderful skirt! It fits perfectly and the pockets are wonderful! Totally worth the money!

  3. Dali (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful brightly printed skirt with lots of room for tile . It’s casual and nice with a unique print I feel like a princess wearing it !

  4. Breanna

    I just received this skirt and it is beautiful!! It’s so comfortable, and the pockets are wonderful! I don’t usually like to wear skirts as I can never find a good length, but the length of the midi skirt is perfect

  5. Kris (verified owner)

    Its gorgeous! I wore this to my first ever dnd session and the whole table fell in love with it too! Its soft, comfortable, and beautifully designed! Fair warning though, make sure to wear shorts or a slip underneath if its windy because it will Marilyn-Manroe you!

  6. bunnyslippers24 (verified owner)

    I love this skirt!! I love all Maya’s skirts!! I have 2 midi skirts, a mini skirt, and just ordered two more midi skirts. And I’m planning on ordering at least one more when I get paid next!

  7. A (verified owner)

    Amazing skirt! Beautiful fabric, fits like a charm, has deep POCKETS! I’m usually a ‘100% cotton only’ for skirts, but the material used in this feels wonderful and has a nice weighty swing to it; not too hot, doesn’t stick to skin.

  8. Taylor (verified owner)

    It’s beautiful and the material is so nice! My one thing is that the waistband is a bit looser on me, so I wish I had some kind of drawstring but I’m sure I can fix the elastic somehow?

  9. Beth

    This skirt is so beautiful and the length is perfect! I’m on the taller side so I love that it’s available as a midi skirt. The pockets are fantastic, they’re so big I don’t even have to take a purse with me when I wear it, and the pattern is SO CUTE.

  10. Nepsi (verified owner)

    I love this skirt!!! I am constantly being complimented on it where ever I go, no matter where I go! Every one’s it and loves how flowy it it! It’s been pilling up and losing threads from use, but honestly I love wearing it, and I usually don’t wear skirts! The pockets are such a win too. It’s absolutely my favorite.

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