As many of you already know, this business is run by two people out of their home and office. Every decision we make, especially during uncertain times, must be carefully considered because every decision will directly impact our lives.

During these unprecedented times we’ve decided to play it safe and operate on a preorder basis.

What does this mean?

We will not be stocking merchandise as normal; instead, we will hold preorders for a set period of time and order merchandise based on the number of items sold.

So you don’t have anything in stock?

We have many things in stock, but it’s all merchandise we had before COVID-19 that we ordered based on our normal business model. This merchandise includes things like journals, enamel pins, and books.

Our more popular merchandise, including skirts, are either out of stock or in very low stock.

When will you open preorders?

Preorders will open after our last wave of preorders have been shipped to us, quality checked, and shipped to our customers.

I don’t have a more exact time frame than this; imports are significantly affected by delays, many factories are operating at partial capacity, and we’re often at the mercy of when our shipping providers are able to collect and deliver packages.

Ideally, we’ll hold preorders every 3-4 months.

So I can’t buy an item if it’s out of stock?

Sorry, no.

Can I preorder something if preorders aren’t open?

Sorry, no. Your order could be waiting several months before shipping; this messes with my shipping service and honestly kind of stresses me out.

When will my preorder ship?

Preorders will ship within two weeks of merchandise arriving.

At this time we’re estimating 8-12 weeks from the time preorders close to shipping. This is to give ample flex time for merchandise to make it through imports and to our home.

Anything else?

With each merch order we include a certain amount of padding to account for damaged, defective, or lost product. After quality checking and shipping, any additional merch will be listed online.

The stock on these items will be very limited (likely under 10 per design per size) so they may go fast. We’ll make posts on social media when this stock is available for purchase.