About the store

Who runs this store?
I do! My wife and I run this store ourselves. We’re a tiny two person business!

Do you have a mailing list?
Not currently, but I’m hoping to have one later in 2018


Do you have [X]?
If you can’t find it, probably not. If you’re looking for more home goods, stickers, apparel, etc. check out my page on WeejaPeeja! They stock things I don’t have the space or ability to stock like phone cases, leggings, t-shirts, towels, blankets, the list goes on and on. If you’re looking for something WP doesn’t have, and I don’t have, please email mayakern.help@gmail.com and let me know! I’m always looking for new products to put my art on.

I can’t find [X]!
Well, there may be a few reasons for this. It might be sold out temporarily or permanently, I maybe have miscategorized it, or maybe you scrolled past it. Try out the search feature (use very simple terms, like mushroom or fantasy), but if you can’t find something, please email me at mayakern.help@gmail.com and I’ll let you know where it is!

How do I review a product?
Go to the product page for your purchase and click leave a comment/review! If the product you purchased is no longer available, you can leave a review on a similar product (i.e. if you ordered a skirt that’s no longer in stock, you can leave a review on another skirt to vouch for the quality!)

Do you/will you print your patterns on fabric?
I hope so! We had plans to print patterns on fabric in 2018 but after doing some research I found there are pretty steep tariffs for imported fabric, and US-based fabric printers I’ve found don’t have great bulk discounts. I won’t print via spoonflower because I’m not confident I can enforce the rights to my artwork.

Can I use your pattern packs to print on fabric and make clothes for myself?
To protect myself, my pattern packs are sold at a very small size. You are welcome to print onto fabric at whatever resolution you want so long as it’s for you and never to be resold, but the pattern will come out very small.

Can I use your digital downloads to resell?
No, the pricing for my digital downloads is for personal use only. For commercial use we will have to work out a contract and commercial pricing.

What’s commercial pricing look like?
You will need to contact me directly with a full scope of what you intend to use my work for, retail price, where it will be sold, etc. I’m very, very picky with who I allow to redistribute my work, so please don’t be surprised if I deny your request.

Where do you get merch made?
This is an awkward question, honestly. Several of my factories/manufacturers can be found easily through the Artist Alley Network International group, and the rest of them can be found on Alibaba. I’m not always comfortable sharing specific factories with people I don’t know, partially because it’s weird and I feel pretty taken advantage of, and partially because I’ve seen a lot of small artists screw themselves over by ordering too much merch too early. Additionally, my wife works hard to find and maintain relationships with manufacturers for myself and other clients, and it’s not my place to compromise her job.


How often to you ship?
Orders are shipped out at least every week, although as of March, 2018 I’ve been able to process orders every day/every other day. When we’re at conventions shipping will be slower since we aren’t around to ship items!

I purchased a commission, when will it ship?
Commissions may add a few weeks onto your shipping time, due to the extra work that goes into processing them. Usually the additional time is a week or less.

I’m ordering from Europe and VAT is super high, can you mark my shipment as a ‘Gift’ instead of ‘Merchandise’?
I’m sorry, but no. That’s mail fraud and I could get in serious trouble for that, up to and including jailtime. I’m aware other sellers do this but I’m not willing to risk it, especially with the volume of orders I ship internationally.

What if my package is lost?
Contact me if you believe your package is lost, or if your tracking number hasn’t updated in several days! My store email is mayakern.help@gmail.com


I got something extra with my order!
It’s because we like you. If you’re worried there was a mistake, absolutely contact me at mayakern.help@gmail.com, but chances are it was a thank you gift for supporting my tiny business!

Will you be at a convention near me?
Maybe! Take a look at my upcoming events here.

I have a question not on the FAQ
Please email me at mayakern.help@gmail.com for the quickest response